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  "Now, will you go and see her?" long strap on


  And so they went. Mrs. Hughes had pinned up a piece of green calico, by way of a Venetian blind, to shut out the afternoon sun; and in the light thus shaded lay Ruth--still, and wan, and white. Even with her brother's account of Ruth's state, such death-like quietness startled Miss Benson--startled her into pity for the poor lovely creature who lay thus stricken and felled. When she saw her, she could no longer imagine her to be an impostor, or a hardened sinner; such prostration of woe belonged to neither. Mr. Benson looked more at his sister's face than at Ruth's; he read her countenance as a book. stores that sell strap ons

  Mrs. Hughes stood by, crying.

where to get a strap on

  Mr. Benson touched his sister, and they left the room together. 8 inch strapon

  "Do you think she will live?" asked he.

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